A variety of looks created for clients, runways, photographers, events, and more.

Don't see your aesthetic here? Let's add it together.

The second part of a two-session corrective color. This client came in with solid green hair, but we were able to bring her first back to brunette, and then create this fiery red balayage for spring. All while maintaining the condition of her hair!

Fashion color can be as subtle or as bold as you want it! After retouching this client's golden-brown base, we chose a purple balayage and left out the top layers of her hair for soft, diffused color.

This client likes to take full advantage of the transience of fashion colors by trying something new each time. After lightening her new growth, we went for a blue and violet shadow root fading into a deep silver shade.

In order to grow out this client's pixie without ending up with a mullet, we chose a clean, tapered back blending into a longer front length.

After her highlights were overprocessed, this client needed a major health trim! Removing a couple inches of length and reshaping her cut made her hair feel like her own again.

After many years of home buzz cuts, this client was happy to have something stylish! No product needed.

For this client's first experience with color, they chose a vibrant emerald green, and a shaved side to go with it.

This client wanted a deep auburn color, and some help caring for her curls. We started by removing several inches of porous ends and reestablishing her layers. An all-over color balanced her outgrowth while allowing her natural dimension to shine, styling with a diffuser transformed her frizz to gorgeous ringlets.

"I realized I looked like a soccer mom." We added some edge to this guest's look with a dramatically stacked-up triangular bob.

I love all kinds of curl, natural and created. To create a fun, beachy wave for this client, we permed her hair on large rollers.

Smoky silver! This client came to me expecting a third exhausting bleach and tone, but we were able to create this stormy color without further lightening.

This client had wanted "galaxy hair" since high school. I was able to give him the colorful look he'd been dreaming of by prelightening, then applying bold stripes of four different colors.

Powerful, but approachable-- this sideswept updo was perfect for a charity dinner.

For Pride weekend, we created a colorblocked pastel look representing the Transgender Pride flag, then brought them back to blonde two weeks later.

This soft pink was created first by balayaging the top half of the hair, then applying a rosy shade.

This client was happy to feel the wind through their hair again!

This client had previous, barely-visible highlights, and wanted the brightest possible blonde shade without using bleach. We created this beachy look using only high-lift color!

We pre-lightened this client's new growth, then used a hand-painting technique to blend their previous color into a purple-to-pink ombre.

We dry-cut this client's waves and blended a previous bleach and tone with lowlights in her natural color, then finished the look with a straight fringe.

I was inspired to create this makeup look by Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year in 2014.

To prepare for Burning Man, this client chose a dramatic buzzed-side look. We then trimmed 4 inches of frayed ends from the remaining hair, and styled with a braid and twists.

This guest was ready for a change, so we removed over half of her length and gave her a softly layered lob. She felt ten pounds lighter!

This romantic, Grecian updo was created for the Local Motion runway in Minneapolis. No curling iron needed!

Tired of yellow, this client had a full highlight with a vivid red shade at the bottom, and strawberry blonde at the top. After a lesson on caring for her coils, she had the hair of her dreams.

To give maximum weight to this client's fine hair, we chose a gently graduated trianngular bob, then texturized with a razor.

We brought this faded look back to life with a fresh, vivd red and lots of layers.

This guest had a haircut a few weeks before she saw me, but wanted more bounce and movement. It's amazing what layers can change!