Covid-19 Safety Policies

These policies must be followed by all clients for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. Any client who does not follow these policies must be refused service, even if a service is in progress.


Before your appointment :

-Signed waivers : All clients must sign a waiver, available here. No one will be seen without a signed waiver on file.

-Tell us if you might be ill : Should you or anyone you've had contact with test positive for Covid-19 or have any symptoms of illness (such as fever or cough), tell me as soon as possible. We'll need to reschedule your appointment at least two weeks after symptoms resolve. The short-notice cancellation fee will be waived in health-related situations.

-Pre-Appointment Screening : I am required to call you the day before your appointment to screen for Covid-19 symptoms and exposure. If you miss my call, please call back and leave a voicemail (or text) answering the screening questions.

-Come by yourself : No one who is not receiving a service will be allowed in the salon, including partners and children. The only exception is for translation or ADA reasons.

-Skip washing and drying : If you would like to reduce risk by skipping your wash or dry, please ask when you book. Washing and drying will still be necessary for some services.

-No dressing room : You'll be given a clean cape, but please wear clothes you won't need to change out of. We are not liable for color stains on clothing. Leave anything you won't need in your car, like jackets and extra bags.


Arriving at the salon :

-Wait in your car or outside : Clients may check in using Vagaro (instructions here) or text Viatrix and wait to be called in.

-Separate entrance : Please come to the door to the right of the sign for Phoenix Rising Salon and wait outside there.

-Temperature checks : Your temperature will be checked with a no-contact thermometer outside the door. If you have a fever or other symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment.

-Clean your hands when you come in : You're welcome to use your own sanitizer or ours. 


During your appointment :

-Private room : All clients will be seen in a private room, and will only have to leave to have their hair washed. If you would like to reduce risk by skipping your wash, please ask when you book. Washing and drying will still be necessary for some services.

-Wear a mask (or two) : Everyone must wear masks at all times when inside, with no exceptions. Masks must cover your nose and mouth and fit well; ear loops are best. 

-Step outside : If you need to remove your mask for even a moment, for any reason such as eating, drinking, or changing your mask, please do so outside.

-Physical distancing : Stay 6 feet away from all other clients and stylists.

-No refreshments : Water, coffee, tea, and magazines will no longer be available.

-Process elsewhere : You can wait for color to process outside or in your car if possible, and have a timer on your phone for when to return.


After your appointment

-Tell us if you become ill : If you or anyone you've had contact with tests positive for Covid-19 or has any symptoms of illness *in the two weeks after your appointment*, tell me immediately so we can take appropriate precautions.

What I'm doing :

-Our schedules have been adjusted to minimize the number of stylists working at a time, and allow proper physical distance. My new schedule is Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

-Stylists will be staying home if they or anyone they've had contact with test positive for Covid-19, or have any symptoms of illness.

-The salon is being cleaned and sanitized continually. All surfaces including chairs, shampoo sinks, tools, and products will be cleaned between clients. I am setting aside 15 minutes between clients to clean everything.

-Stylists are wearing masks at all times and cleaning hands regularly, including immediately before working on clients.

-I will be working in a private room, separate from the salon floor. Hair washing must still be done on the salon floor.

-Double-booking and overlapping appointments are no longer available. The only exception is for parents and children who are both having a service.

-We will no longer have a cash drawer to make change. Please bring exact change or pay electronically.