Hair not straight? No problem. Viatrix is a trained DevaCurl stylist-- your waves, loops, corkscrews, ringlets, coils, kinks, and even the future curls we call frizz will be well cared for. 

After growing out an undercut, this client was ready from some symmetry! We chose a short, versatile length with lots of layers, cut her curls dry, and finished with a DevaCurl Transformation style.

Red Curls Collage
Red Curls Collage

This client wanted a deep auburn color, and some help caring for her curls. We started by removing several inches of porous ends and reestablishing her layers. An all-over color balanced her outgrowth while allowing her natural dimension to shine, styling with a diffuser transformed her frizz to gorgeous ringlets

Tired of yellow, this client had a full highlight with a vivid red shade at the bottom, and strawberry blonde at the top. After a lesson on caring for her coils, she had the hair of her dreams.

I love all kinds of curl, natural and created. To create a fun, beachy wave for this client, we permed her hair on large rollers.

This romantic, Grecian updo was created for the Local Motion runway in Minneapolis. No curling iron needed!

We dry-cut this client's waves and blended a previous bleach and tone with lowlights in her natural color, then finished the look with a straight fringe.