Read Me First!

This page is here to help you understand what to expect when booking your appointment with me. 

Regular scheduling has resumed!

Please read the updated Covid-19 policies and Covid-19 Information.

Hi! I'm so glad you found me, and I can't wait to meet you. Returning clients, this page was updated on 9/19/20.

I use online booking because of a chronic health issue, which limits my time behind the chair and requires me to rest on my days off. In order to avoid problems with your booking, please carefully read this page, the "What Should I Book?" page, the instructions on the Booking Page, and the service descriptions in the booking window to make sure your booking is correct.

 I'm not often able to answer/return phone calls. The best way to book is online, and the best way to reach me with questions is by text.

All new clients have to book from my website. It makes things easier for us both by taking down your information, telling you about the service(s) you've booked, and avoiding phone-tag! Once you read this, you'll go to my Booking Page and follow the instructions there to request your appointment. All I have to do is accept the request, unless . . .

 . . . Unless the booking isn't created correctly, or I have some questions about what you want. If this happens I might have to decline, move, or change your appointment. This doesn't mean I don't want to see you! It just means that I can't see you at that exact date/time. You can always add a note to your request with other times on my calendar that work for you. However, please do not contact me to request an appointment outside of the available times shown, unless you are a returning client.

If I have questions about what you want, I'll call as soon as possible for a remote consultation. We'll talk (or text) about your goals, and we may change the services, date/time, and pricing of your appointment to make it happen. I might need to see you for a consultation first, where I'll check out your hair in person.

My "What Should I Book?" page is here to explain what service is right for you. Each service also has a detailed description in the booking window. If those don't answer your questions, contact me (by text, e-mail, or phone) before you book. First-time color clients, this is extremely important for you because of the limits of haircolor. I would rather have a long phone conversation than show up to your appointment and realize we can't do what you want.

I don't do mens' hair unless they're referred by a current client. I do work with all other genders..

I use Redken and Matrix color products, and JessiCurl, Nicolas, and Joico haircare. I use Olaplex on request/when a service requires. For clients with allergies, the JessiCurl products are free of common allergens like gluten and fragrance, and I am always happy to use products you bring in. As of 2/11/20 I have stopped using all DevaCurl products due to safety concerns, and I recommend my clients do likewise with any DevaCurl product bought more recently than 9/19.


While you're in my chair, I'll ask lots of questions about your hair to get to know it-- and you! I also like to teach my clients how best to care for their hair. That said, I like quiet too, so you can always ask for a "Quiet Chair" and we'll talk only to decide what to do with your hair. During color and highlight appointments, I may also need to be quiet and concentrate.

Accessibility : The salon floor is wheelchair-accessible but the shampoo sinks are not. All clients are currently seen in a private room, and only leave for hair washing. We are sadly not a fragrance-free space, but we do have central ventilation and a large air-purifier. If you have other accessibility needs, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to make our space comfortable for you.

I've read and understand all of this, now take me to the booking page!