What Should I Book?

Add-Ons vs Stand-Alone : Some of my services are marked "Add-On" or "Stand-Alone". The difference between these two is whether they include washing/drying time. If you're only having one service, like just a DevaCut, always choose the "Stand-Alone" option. If you're having multiple services, like a DevaCut and Single-Process Color, read the service names and descriptions in the booking window carefully to choose the right combination.

If you're planning a big day, a big change, want to fix a bad dye job, or just want to talk, book a Consultation (or call).


If you have mostly straight hair or wear your hair straightened/blown-out, book a Haircut. We'll wash it and blow it out.

If you have naturally wavy, curly, or coily hair, book a DevaCut. We'll cut it dry and curly, wash it, and style it curly too.

If you want a very small trim with no wash or style, book a Dry Cut or DevaTrim.

If you are booking for someone under 14, book a Kids' Haircut or a Kid's DevaCut.

If you would like a mens' haircut, call Phoenix Rising Salon at 510-338-1106 and see another stylist-- Viatrix only does mens' hair for friends and family of current clients, with a referral.


Important : Single-Process Color (regular haircolor) has limits! It CANNOT lighten color-treated hair (highlights and glosses count), even if that color isn't visible anymore. On virgin/never color-treated hair, it can only lighten hair a few shades. If your hair is dyed and you don't like it, a single-process color is unlikely to fix it. If you have any questions at all, book a Consultation for Color Work or contact ViatrixI would rather you call or text me than show up to your appointment and realize we can't do what you want.

If you like your current single-process color and need your new growth/roots done, book a Single-Process Color Touch-Up.

If your color/highlights have faded or you want to enhance your natural color, book a Gloss. Pairs well with a Touch-Up!

To go darker all over, cover gray for the first time, or lighten your virgin hair 3-4 levels, book an All-Over Single-Process Color.

If you want a color not found in human hair, book a Creative Color, and leave a note about what you want.

If you want to go dramatically lighter, either at the roots or all over, book Lightening.

If you want to fix haircolor work that you're unhappy with, book a Consultation for Color Work and ask about Corrective Color.


If you only want highlights where they're most visible, book a Partial; if you want to highlight absolutely everything, book a Full.

If you have straight or straightened hair and want highlights up to the roots, book a Foil Highlight.

If you have straight or wavy hair and want soft highlights, something low-maintenance, or an ombre, book a Balayage Highlight.

If you have curly or coily hair, book a Pintura.

If you only want a few highlights or a single small accent, book an Accent Highlight.

If you want lowlights with or instead of highlights, book the equivalent Highlight appointment.


If your hair is dry, book a Deep Conditioning.

If your hair is a little damaged or needs a boost, book an Olaplex Mini-Treatment.

If your hair is badly damaged, or you're worried the color/highlights you want might damage it, book Olaplex.


If you want a wash and blowdry style, book a Blowout.

If you want some curls or a quick flat-iron added on to your appointment, book Iron Work.

If you want an updo, or a full curling/flat iron set, book an Updo/Specialty Style.

If you want your hair styled naturally wavy, curly, or coily (and a lesson on how to do it) book a DevaCurl Transformation.